Teaming up with guitarist Benjamin Fletcher (Sarah Blasko, Marina and the Diamonds) on production first in the UK and then in OZ has actualised Lisa’s desire to create authentic music. Full of heart and guts, and with nostalgia of 60’s pop and 90’s indie genres. 

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Since impressing Australian audiences with brooding track ‘Shake Baby Shake’ in November last year, the song about invisible illness earnt a spot on the popular American NBC series ‘Good Girls’. Attaining praise from larger audiences around the world, Lisa accelerated at full speed with a bratty single number two, revealing another side in ‘A Holiday’.  

Amidst a number of recordings still to be heard, Lisa is describing her next release as ‘disrobed and romantic’. Another layer of her offerings and artistry is unveiled. ‘Borrow my Body’ is a ‘smooth ride’, as suggested by producer Ben. A shimmering peek into what else can be expected from this charming songstress’ long awaited debut album.